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PropTech Future Series - Interview with PAKT

In this article, we speak to Barbara, Chief Executive Officer at PAKT, on the future of smart

wardrobes and how proptech is transforming property owners' approach to residential

storage management.

Can you explain to us what a smart wardrobe is?

Technology and data have disrupted everything in our daily lives, except how we manage

our clothes. Imagine that the wardrobe as a piece of furniture or an enclosed space hasn’t changed in a thousand years until now… PAKT with its smart wardrobe technology is the modern solution for wardrobe management that re-examines clothing ownership and responsible fashion consumption, being brought on by rapidly changing consumer behaviour. On-demand and sharing economies are ubiquitous; urban population density is exploding and there is growing concern about sustainability and the responsibilities of being a conscious consumer.

I’ve always loved beautiful fabrics and dresses, probably because of my mother’s stunning collection of cheongsams in silk, brocade, cotton and fine wools with delicate embroidery. They would be stored in mothballs every summer and taken out again in September - she was fastidious in caring for her clothes. When I moved to HK, the first thing I noticed was the lack of space and an unforgiving climate which hampered clothing care and preservation.

So PAKT allows you to store and archive the clothes you love because you don’t have

enough space or proper storage conditions, to digitise them for ease of management, to sell items you no longer want as well as to donate, recycle and upcycle - all through a tap on your phone. With a climate controlled, clean room, UV sterilisation and deliveries on demand, PAKT makes ‘smart’ wardrobe management a reality.

Why should property owners be interested in care about smart wardrobes?

PAKT is solving urban problems. In 2020, 4.4 billion people live in cities, more than 50% in

Asia. This will grow to nearly 7 billion by 2050 with the middle classes growing fastest in

Asia and consumer purchasing power accelerating. At the same time, the average size of

homes is shrinking whilst prices continue to rise. Micro-flats, nano-flats and co-living are

becoming more accepted, even among young professionals – their growing spending power further challenging increasingly cramped living spaces. Living patterns and habits are changing with families downsizing and looking for temporary and more flexible


As developers build smart homes for smarter cities, ever smaller throughout Asia, wardrobe space can be challenging. A Smart Wardrobe solution allows designers, architects and developers to rethink space and change the way residential property is designed. Why build in a lot of wardrobe space in small units when PAKT can provide flexible storage and a host of additional wardrobe services? By offering each resident unlimited wardrobe space as part of the service offering, and integrating the cost into the price of the unit, you eliminate a pain point of small residences.

How can smart wardrobes contribute to sustainability?

Caring for your clothing through careful storage habits extends the life of garments and

makes them easier to wear and to sell. By storing items seasonally or archiving a special

piece such as a wedding dress, PAKT’s smart wardrobe platform not only gives you flexible space and extends the life of a garment but also allows you to shop smarter and contribute to the circular fashion economy by selling, recycling and donating.

Help us imagine how the residential rental market can be transformed by smart

storage technology

PAKT is a disruptive tech company with a far-reaching vision for a tech enabled platform to change behaviour towards wardrobe and inventory management. In the same way that the i-phone changed how people managed their daily lives to benefit from the sharing economy and on-demand services, PAKT is changing how people relate to their clothes.

The combination of an accessible digital inventory to on-demand deliveries means that

property developers can change the way they design and build residential living spaces in urban centres. As technology creates ‘smart’ homes, PAKT can offer a platform to further enhance their appeal.

If developers can redesign small high-end units to create quality space rather than storage, the smart wardrobe provides a service that creates more flexible solutions in residential living - especially as our need to work remotely with home offices and the general desire to be more hygienic and declutter is at the forefront of everyone’s mind in a post-COVID world.

As the smart wardrobe picks up traction, property developers can also choose to install

PAKT within their residential buildings to allow immediate delivery of items, giving residents endless wardrobe space at the tap of a finger.


More about the author: Barbara is the CEO of PAKT, a company offering premium service for wardrobe management, and providing storage with digital inventory, 24/7 climate control, UV sterilisation and on-demand access. To learn more about PAKT, visit here.

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