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PropTech Future Series - Interview with Hipla Technology

In this article, we speak to Sandeep, Chief Executive Officer at Hipla Technologies, on the future of smart access control and how it has helped property owners to manage the pandemic situation.

Tell us more about smart-access control, and why property owners should care about it?

Not so long ago, businesses had to pinch bar, lever and shutter their buildings to ensure safety. In the early 1900’s we started to commercialize the Lock and Key as we know it today. Hipla’s smart-access solution is the new “Key” for businesses but with tremendous computing and admin power. (It’s considered to be easier to use than its predecessor by many of our clients)

In a nutshell, Hipla’s Smart-access solution allows you to manage, control and monitor all of your workspace from your mobile.

From Attendance-enabled building entrance to in-office navigation and rule-based room access, you can virtually skyrocket your businesses efficiency. Here in Singapore, many have very eagerly digitized their properties with us.

In addition, Our Vision Cloud division has been built to help business owners maintain titanium-standard Security and Productivity measures. We allow business owners and property managers to utilize the true value of their CCTV network by delivering hyper-personalized use-cases suited to their niche.

One such example was of an industry leader in the Property Management Market. At the peak of the virus, our client was able to establish safety guidelines(Mask and Social Distancing Compliance) and alert their workforce on any possible compromises in their safety by instant push-alerts.

Their CCTV camera, empowered by our Software, was able to identify social distance/mask breaches in real-time- across their sprawling campus. The size and volume of data would have been lost if this was to be done manually. Leading to safety compromises and inefficient allocation of resources.

Without our vision and access software, 98% of video feeds go unseen, 95% of incidents missed after 20 minutes.

How has the pandemic affected the growth of your company?

The pandemic has been a truly unfortunate infliction. We’ve at all stages strived to educate and assist our community in handling the unforeseen circumstances of this virus.

Hipla has had a clear vision of what problems we have to solve. As the Virus hit, one of our existing partners had initiated a conversation that helped us curate a COVID-prevention tool.

Leveraging our existing technology, the Hipla Engineering team was able to successfully create and distribute a solution that has been used by a large volume of business and property owners. There was an evident uptick in the demand for our COVID-prevention solution, and we’re proud to have serviced a critical solution that every property owner needed in their tool-kit in these unfortunate times.

Do you feel that property owners are more open to this kind of technology after the pandemic?

The pandemic has provided significant momentum in digitizing our workspaces.

If we look at the proliferation of Co-working and Video-conferencing tools, that many may have not been accustomed to earlier. We see a clear sign of property owners getting educated on the undeniable benefits of digital access and vision solutions for their spaces.

The market response we’ve received from Business/Property owners regarding our technology has undoubtedly been more educated and encouraging recently. Many property owners, here in Singapore, have initiated conversation in-line with Safety and efficiency levels in a post-covid world.

Tell us why you admire Salesforce and how it has inspired you in your product development process.

Salesforce has paved a benchmark for SaaS solution providers. We believe property owners deserve extremely easy to use tools that can help them manage their spaces, effectively. Unfortunately, many markets have been starved from recent innovation and still operate in limited formats.

Hipla plans to enable property owners by curating thoughtful, intuitive and plug-and-play solutions practically getting the Property Owner back in control just as Salesforce has done for executives around the world.


More about the author: Sandeep is the CEO of Hipla Technologies, a company focused on bringing cutting edge products, such as smart access and smart compliance solutions, to drive automation for ‘Enterprise 4.0’. To learn more about Hipla, visit here.

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