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CEO, Fonto Holdings | Founder, Asia PropTech

Leo is a surveyor-turned-serial entrepreneur.  He is the CEO of Fonto Holdings, which is an integrated corporate based in Hong Kong, dedicated to real estate investment, development, financing and advisory with technology innovations with futuristic and entrepreneurial views.  Fonto delivers solutions in the Asia-Pacific Region for real estate and infrastructure asset projects financing, investment, valuation and asset management.  

Leo has been an Estate Surveyor and possesses for over 17 years’ experience in the real estate and capital market industry.  With branch offices in Mainland China, Singapore and San Francisco, Fonto has an extensive footprint in the Asia-Pacific Region.  By leveraging Fonto’s digital assets and investment in an industry-leading portfolio of companies, Leo is developing real estate as a futurist.   

He is also a founder of a real estate technology company (PropBLK) which is working on the A.I. and blockchain applications in the real estate sector, with solutions in AVM and tech-enabled real estate analysis. He is a trailblazer in the PropTech industry and actively forges partnerships with PropTech companies in the globe and building up the ecosystem: Asia PropTech, synergizing the forces and knowledge from PropTech startups, real estate players and investors to co-create ideas and solutions. 

Leo is in high demand as a speaker for his thought leadership at different conferences and summits across the globe, he attended over 40 PropTech/real estate conferences as speaker in over 20 countries in the past 2 to 3 years.  He is keen to deliver collaborative innovation to the real estate industry.



Founder, Orca Capital Limited | Co-Founder, Atom Assets

Ariel Shtarkman is the Founder of Orca Capital, a boutique investment practice focused on real estate and PropTech. She is also the co-Founder and Managing Director of Atom Assets, a real estate investment platform for family offices. Previously, Ariel was with Citibank Real Estate Structured Finance in Hong Kong, where she structured debt instruments for real estate developers, REITs and private equity funds. Before joining Citibank, she worked in real estate private equity funds sponsored by ING Clarion in New York (covering US) and ING Real Estate Investment Management in Hong Kong (covering Asia).

Ariel holds an MBA from Columbia Business School with concentration in Real Estate, and BSc from Tel Aviv University with double major in Computer Science and Business Administration. She serves as Senior Content Advisor for ULI Asia Pacific, is a member of the ULI North Asia Executive Committee, and a founding member of Columbia Business School Alumni Network of Hong Kong. Ariel is fluent in English, Hebrew and Russian, and conversant in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. Her other interests include martial arts, travel, integration of technology and real estate and the future of education.



Ex-COO, Spacious

Benny is a PropTech hustler with more than 10 years of experience in the field. Previously, he was the GM of Singapore-based proptech startup Streetsine that integrates big data with mobile applications to help real estate organisations employ real-time and proprietary information. Acquired by Singapore listed conglomerate company in 2014. 

Benny served as COO of Hong Kong proptech startup Spacious, heads up the whole business operation including Sales & Marketing and Asia expansion. Take the lead to set up offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Taipei and define market entry strategies. Lead the company became the no.1 portal in 18 months.

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Consultant, Buro Happold

Emidio is an Associate Director at Buro Happold where he leads its Consulting Division in Asia.  He consults clients in all stages of the real estate life cycle, mixing concepts from design, big data, data science, and analytics to realize solutions to their most complex problems.   Buro Happold’s clients vary from property developers and investment managers who want to use big data insights for their valuation models, to contractors who want to use empirical methods to quantitatively reduce risk, to asset managers keen to make better use of collected data to increase tenant satisfaction.  In all these cases, Emidio works closely with clients to understand their unique problems, and uses data and bespoke algorithms to gain a competitive advantage in the market. 

When people think about proptech, there is a trend that proptech is always associated with products – hardware of software.  Given that Emidio works with code, people in PropTech often ask him what app, software, or platform that he can create for them.  While his team and himself create software, it’s not the kind of ‘app’ that you would typically use.  Emidio’s team and himself code modular tools which can be deployed in a flexible manner.  Emidio and his team use those tools themselves to solve problems that are too big for off-the-shelf software. 

As opposed to a software company who will spend a significant portion of their time on UX/UI design, the focus is on the engine of these tools more than anything, allowing them to remain flexible, yet powerful.  These tools are not the product itself, but instead are a modular kit of parts which can be converted into custom software for bespoke, complex problems.  The reason for this is simple - there is always some give and take with off-the-shelf software.  On one hand, you get a tool that is easy to use and helps you do a task faster than you could do it before.  On the other hand, software companies engineer their products to be optimal for a certain market, which usually means their software solves one type of problem well but lacks flexibility.  This can present an issue for real estate, where every building is unique in its own way and solutions related to a building’s financing, development, and operations will need to be somewhat tailored, so mass-produced software often comes up short.  This is Emidio’s domain – the space between software and raw data – where an off-the-shelf app isn’t the economical solution to your data problem.

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CEO & Founder, MilkGarage

Fangyu is the CEO and Founder of MilkGarage, Hong Kong's top flexible workspace network.

MilkGarage is simplifying the flexible workspace landscape in Asia by providing a single pass that enables you to access them all. Their platform connects and matches underutilised spaces across Hong Kong (and beyond) with its subscribing base of members looking for a place to work and meet -on demand. As featured on The South China Morning Post, the MilkGarage creates win-win by transforming inactive space into a network of economically productive hubs. With 20+ locations across Hong Kong alone, MilkGarage is on a mission to deliver unparalleled convenience for its users, wherever their day might take them; by providing them with a workspace, wherever they need it. 

Fangyu began her career as an investment banker at UBS in London, New York and Hong Kong; where she advised, structured and executed more the US$10 billion of equity derivative transactions for Corporate and Ultra-High Net Worth clients across EMEA, Americas and APAC. She graduated from University College London (UCL) with a degree in Economics.  

Throughout her life; Fangyu has made some of the world’s most unaffordable and space-constrained cities her home. MilkGarage has been built to make the most expensive urban spaces in the world, work harder for all of us.



CEO & Founder, RaSpect Intelligence Inspection Limited

Being the founder of RaSpect, Harris believes that there is power in knowledge and what we do with that knowledge can potentially create something that can benefit the world. Living in Hong Kong which is one of the world's thriving metropolitan cities filled with structures and architectures that still amaze until this day and the process of creating or maintaining these properties can easily be overlooked by everyday citizens.

These structures are our homes, workplaces, and places to either socialise and relax so we want to make sure you are secure with your safety. Harris wants to build and create these places in an efficient and cost-effective manner but how can we reach these achievements? It all lies within the details of the data and Harris believes that having consistent and accurate data is essential for the process of any creations whether it comes to creating masterful paintings or beautiful buildings.

How Raspact plans to execute the refinement of data gathering is through Artificial intelligence or AI which is constantly changing our way of living whether it comes to both work or lifestyle and it can also play a part in how we create and build structures that we need. 

While the real estate industry traditionally has been known to be slow when it comes to adopting technological advancements, AI is slowly integrating into the many techs and research-based companies are pushing to capitalise on the large advantages of AI such as reducing mundane tasks such as data collection and sorting to increasing customer acquisitions to create satisfaction in service. 

Raspact looks into the possibilities of AI inspection and the possible applications it can have within the PropTech ecosystem. With human inspection and data collection, there can be room for error when it comes to data and Raspact hopes to push the envelope of the current technology of AI inspection to help decrease the chances of mistakes. Even with current software, there tend to be issues involving the flexibility of what that software can do so Raspact is aiming to create something that can be easily accessed and freely used towards any situation given.

Joe Cheng


Co-Founder, Roots

Joe is the co-founder of Roots, a robo-advisory property and mortgage platform that analyses your social behaviour, needs and affordability. Using Roots, users will be able to identify properties and obtain mortgages from 18 banks in HK online, making home purchase as simple as booking your next trip on Expedia. Roots is supported by Cyberport Incubation Program and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. 

Joe worked in the private wealth management sector for 5 years as a business strategy manager, focused on business development strategies and steered a bank-wide integration of USD 10bn+ assets under management. 

Joe graduated from King’s College London and earned a MBA degree from HKUST.

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Co-Founder, Roots

Kyle is the co-founder of Roots, a robo-advisory property and mortgage platform that analyses your social behaviour, needs and affordability. Using Roots, users will be able to identify properties and obtain mortgages from 18 banks in HK online, making home purchase as simple as booking your next trip on Expedia. Roots is supported by Cyberport Incubation Program and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. 

Kyle had experience in the accounting & finance field prior to Roots, with his last job as an asset manager in a licensed financial institution, where he managed a HKD 100m investment portfolio. 

Kyle graduated from Bentley University and earned a MBA degree from HKUST.



Co-Founders, Workplace Beta

With Hong Kong consistently the world’s most expensive office leasing market, Hong Kong companies are always looking to optimize their workspaces to balance the needs of their employees, increase productivity, minimize rental costs, meet operational requirements sustainably as well as provide a safe and innovative environment. 

However, any changes to the workplace typically results in significant business disruption, so senior management demands data to identify, quantify and understand the risks and benefits prior to making decisions. Such data can be collected either manually (e.g. workspace utilization studies and employee surveys) or through automated systems (e.g. security badges, WiFi logs, IoT devices), but the range of data sources are typically heterogeneous, laborious to consolidate and lack structure to enable effective analysis and address management questions.

Workplace Beta's vision is to create and sustain innovative, healthy and productive workspaces. To achieve this, Workplace Beta is developing a software platform that captures, organises, analyses and shares information on the different aspects of the workplace that influence culture, productivity, and efficiency to aid decision making. Through informed decisions and a data-driven approach, Workplace Beta’s customers can enhance employee satisfaction, foster healthy company culture, reduce risk, realise cost efficiencies as well as gain business agility and competitiveness. 

Unlike existing competitors who focus on singular data sets, Workplace Beta’s solutions are differentiated by deep industry experience in workplace strategy and harnessing multiple data sources, capturing both hard data and intangible sentiments, to create unique analytics and perspectives. This enables Workplace Beta’s clients to quickly and easily develop comprehensive assessments of their workspaces, make effective decisions on how to improve their workplace and measure performance both pre- and post-change, to meet strategic objectives and achieve a positive return on investment.

Vitaly Pentegov


CEO & Founder, UrbanChain Group Limited

Vitaly Pentegov is a CEO of UrbanChain Group, a Hong Kong based company focusing on smart city solutions in the sharing economy area. Just in six months, his company built from scratch a smart parking solution called Parkingbnb which includes mobile application for drivers, smart cameras and parking management web platform for property owners. Parkingbnb was launched in Hong Kong at the end of 2019 and is currently expanding in the UK and Japan.




Butler is the first home management partner to bring the hotel-grade hospitality into residence, transforming your home into a service apartment experience.

After becoming a Butler Club member, not only will you enjoy a dedicated digital home concierge to take care of home-related queries, you can access our monthly plans and our team of butler specialists will visit your home on a fixed scheduled basis to complete your essential home needs such as housekeeping, food preparation or laundry & closet management.

We empower our team and maximizes user experience via technology ( our app). Each client have a respective profile under our system and through the app it will records butler feedback, instructions from client and our system will accordingly analyst the information to generate to-do lists for the butler specialist to execute and update the client profile. This means the more you use Butler, through technology, the more personalized our service becomes.

We believe a personalized and quality experience at home is ever-evolving and to exceed our client’s expectation we believe it must be done via human-centric technology.



DLA Piper

Jonathan Gill is a corporate real estate lawyer with experience in Asia and Australia.  He advises on tokenisation and blockchain matters, with a particular focus on the real estate sector.  He also has experience across the life cycle of private mergers & acquisitions transactions, corporate re-organisations and real estate operational agreements.

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